Q:What type of paint is used to paint the projects with?

A: We use what is called an underglaze. Underglaze is basically pigmented clay. It won't stain your clothes, hands or work surfaces. All the projects receive an additional layer of clear glaze in our studio.  It requires an additional firing in a kiln to 1828 degrees to get the smooth shiny surface. 

Q:What if I want to host a party but not in my home?

A: Like any great party there are variety of places you can host your girls night or birthday party. We can meet you at a local pool where you can rent a pavilion or a local park or community center.  

Q: When do we get our projects back?

A: The projects need an additional clear glaze and kiln firing  in our studio. This takes about a week to prepare the pieces, fire, cool and deliver back to the host's home. If you attend a workshop in our home studio space projects will be ready a week following the workshop. 

Q: what if I signed up for a workshop but can't attend?

A: Because workshops are limited to the number that can attend and people are turned away we don't offer refunds. However if you contact us we will do what we can to get you into another class.